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Why Judicial Services?
Lost resort for any malady is what any person wants. Judicial and medicals are last resort for all problems. This what attach high esteem with both professional.
Judicial Services is not about money but for esteem and respect attach with it.
Moreover, Judges have independence in its working domain.

What is more Powerful, IAS or Judge?
Both are powerful within there working Domain.
An aspirant must choose out of these as per his own convenience

What is duration of time which one needed to devote towards studies daily?
It is not duration, it is about quality time you spend. It is not about daily it is about till you achieve.

Can a Person be appointed for supreme court or high court judge?
Yes, a person can be appointed as Judge for supreme courts or high court.

Appointment at these levels is done through collegiums system.
Out of other qualification main is 10 years of practice as advocate.

All India Judiciary exam is same or different state wise?
Exam for entry into Judiciary at two level one for Magistrate or civil judge.
Other at district judge level.
But both of these are conducted state level.
A debate about all Indian Judiciary services exams for District Judiciary is going on. If that goes into reality than competition for. In District Judge shall be conducted at Central level for all states.
But exams for Civil Judge or Magistrate will be at state level.

How to make it for judicial exams?
Competition is not knowledge competition is about approach .
Approach which is right from day one till you get success is the key for judicial services.
We have different pattern of class room teaching for all their stages.
Regular list for different stages and regular discussion on these lists.

Correct time for starting preparation for judicial services?
Level of Judicial Services exams is growing more competitive day by day.
From 20-20 preparation to full-proof preparation it takes 6 months to 2-3 years to become capable of cracking exam. Early you start better it is. So best time is to start is 3 years( in 5 year case ) and First year ( in case of 3 years ). So that you can list hard in very first attempt.

What us the hierarchy of courts in India?
Our Indian Constitution broadly provide three tier system of hierarchy of Indian Court.
Supreme Court
Apex Court .
Only one extending its historical Jurisdiction for whole of India.

High Court
High Court for every state
. Its territorial jurisdiction extend our state.

District Jud iciary
At district level.

Here it have different level of Posting. Out of Main are

District Judge Head of District Judiciary for civil cases.
Session Judge Head of district judiciary for criminal cases.
Civil Judge Suborfinate of sessions Judge for Criminal cases.

Why are not my courses showing in my account?
Missing mobile purchase If you purchased a course on iOS or Android, it's possible that the course was not registered to your account. Please email your purchase receipt to helpyou@educo.com. Multiple e-mail accounts If you use multiple e-mail accounts, or have a Facebook or Google account, try logging in with the associate e-mail addresses.

How many numbers of attempts can an aspirant take for judicial services?
Generally, states have not fixed the number of attempts for judicial services, expect few states like UP which have fixed number as 4 for general category. All the states have fixed age for the exam. Eligibility for Magistrate exam start with age 21 expect few states which have put it around 23, 24 like registration and higher age is generally fixed to 32 (Delhi) and 35 for most of the states. District Judge exams of minimum age is 35 years and upper age is 45 years.

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